11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 1

Day 1 – BGO airport (Arrive) > Erik Place (AirBnB)

Our journey in Norway started in Bergen, the city of rain. We flew in from Stockholm and landed in Bergen quite late in the afternoon about 2pm. By the time we collected our luggage and walked out to take a cab, it was almost 3pm something, and the sky was already dark. In twilight months during the winter, the sun set earlier than other months. For our November visit, sunset in Bergen was about 4pm.

^ waiting luggage arrival at the Bergen Airport

^ first sight walking out the arrival hall “BERGEN?”

Luckily, it was not difficult to get a cab to head towards the AirBnb place that we rented. The place listed as “Apartment in the heart on Bergen – Erik’s Place” in the AirBnb is a recommended stay with clean and tidy space. His unit is equipped with kitchen, laundry facilities, dining area, and living area with TV. Before the cab dropped us at the doorstep, we were happy to see convenience shop just within 1 minute walking distance away.

2018-11-05 10_29-REMA 1000 to Tourist Information in Bergen - Google Maps - Internet Explorer

The owner, Erik is so kind to come over during our arrival and brief us through some of the house rules and usage of the amenities. He is also easy reachable as he is staying upstairs with a different door entrance. In short, it is a stay with privacy and quick assistance at the same time. After that, we quickly dropped our baggage and head to the nearby convenience shop, Rema 1000 to grab some groceries for few days. Rema is one of the largest networks of discount store in all over Norway.

We always enjoy shopping at other countries grocer department, as we like seeing new things and anything that we did not taste before especially the local real food. Check out what we bought in the following pictures.


^ fresh Norwegian salmon in the house, woot!
^ 1. milk 2. various chips 3. spinach 4. spaghetti sauce 5. clementine (something like mandarin orange? but much sweeter and juicier) 6. eggs and cheese 7. salmon cutlet (so cheap and fresh!) 8. Budweiser beer 9. rocket leaf (for garnishing and salad) 10. berry jam and whole meal bread

Headed back to the cozy wooden house at the courtyard, we started to cook in the kitchen with almost all necessary utensils and cookware provided. We have a simple menu, but all fresh from the local grocer shop. Pan grilled salmon, cheesy omelet egg with herbs, Kuching “Kam Pua” noodle, clementine, chips and light beer made our first night there so contented and satisfied.

^ chefs of the night

^ bon Appétit!

Then we relaxed and chit chat at the cozy living room.

Signing off for day 1.

Continue reading day 2.

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